Perceptions of Students from Southbound Countries

Read about the perception of students from soutbound countries to share the insight of studying in Taiwan.

Vu Thi Huong Giang/ National Chung Cheng University

Nationality : Vietnam
Major : Master program in Global Finance


My full name is Vu Thi Huong Giang. I come from Vietnam. I have a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and now I am pursuing a Master Program in Global Finance in Taiwan. I have been here in Taiwan since September 2017. Even though it is not a long time, Taiwan attracted me a lot on nature, infrastructure, living quality and especially quality of education.


1. What made you decide to study in Taiwan?

I had two years working as an accountant in an international company before coming to Taiwan for studying Master degree. I realized that accounting field requires me paying attention to details a lot. I want to see the bigger financial picture of an enterprise and learn more on finance, especially financial analysis and strategies. One more reason is that Taiwan is becoming one of countries that has huge FDI fund flowing into Vietnam. Chinese is one of five most popular language in the world and becomes more and more important in Vietnam as the increasing number of Chinese enterprise in Vietnam. All these above things motivate me to come here to learn not only professional knowledge but also culture and social background.

2.  Briefly tell us about the program you are studying. What subjects are you studying? What have you enjoyed the most in your studies?

I am junior of International Master program in Global Finance of National Chung Cheng University. This is an English-taught program with the main focus in the practical application of financial/accounting/economics theories on global financial markets. After the first semester, I cultivated so much useful knowledge through subjects, including Financial Management, Financial Market and Institution, Investment Analysis and The Management of Financial Holding Company and Financial Risk. Different professor has a different teaching method and I enjoyed each subject a lot. In addition, I took part in Chinese course. That was my first step on the way conquering Chinese. It’s really fascinated, and hard also.

3. How is studying in Taiwan when compared to studying and being a student in your home country? (Teaching Quality、Environment、School Equipment、Laboratory or others)

The first impression of studying in Taiwan is facilities. It is much more modern and adequate compare to my home country, with spacious campus, modern library, classrooms full of required equipment, fresh and clean environment, gymnasium with so many sports that meet all the need of students. All professors that I learned have good English skills to deliver lectures and really care about whether their students understand their lecture or not. 

4.  What has been the most difficult part about applying to study in Taiwan? How did you overcome the difficulty?

The most difficult thing when studying in Taiwan is language. I had not learned Chinese before until the day I came to Taiwan. So it is quite difficult for me to communicate with Taiwanese in places like market. I am trying to learn Chinese as much as I can, not only for communication but also for understanding Taiwanese culture and society.

5.  What do you plan to do after you have finish your studies in Taiwan? Would you like to stay in Taiwan?  Why? 

After finishing my Master degree, I will find a job and stay here for some years. Even though I’ve just stayed here for some months, I really like environment and people here. Taiwan has higher iving standard and quality than my country. This is a place worth living. 

6.  How do you think studying in Taiwan can benefit you in your future career?

Studying in Taiwan absolutely benefits my future career. This is not only a place that helps me gain technical knowledge on my field but also a good place for me to learn Chinese with rich culture and make friends with people from different countries. 

7.  What do you see as your key achievements when studying in Taiwan?

My two key achievements when studying in Taiwan are professional knowledge and a new language. What better way to learn professional knowledge of finance in one of the Asian dragons? What better way to learn the new language at the place where that language is spoken?

8. What advice do you have for other interested overseas students who want to come to Taiwan to study?

I just want to say that if you want to study in a place where is named as Asian dragons, if you want to learn one of the most popular languages in the world with a reasonable living expense, then you should choose Taiwan as you destination.