Perceptions of Students from Southbound Countries

Read about the perception of students from soutbound countries to share the insight of studying in Taiwan.

Manish Kumar/ National Central University

Nationality : India
Major : Masters in Biomedical engineering


My name is Manish Kumar from India and Chinese name is Gu mani. I am currently pursuing my master degree at National Central University. I am hard and smart working student.


1. What made you decide to study in Taiwan?

Honestly speaking, reasonable, affordable tuition and availability of scholarships made my decision to study in Taiwan. In addition of that, Taiwan is a safe country. I fell safe and relax.

2.  Briefly tell us about the program you are studying. What subjects are you studying? What have you enjoyed the most in your studies?

Currently, I am pursuing my master degree in biomedical engineering at National Central University. Human microbiome, drug delivery and seminars are few subjects which I took this semester. I enjoy a lot in seminar and working inside my lab on the industrial project. Currently, I am working on the new formula for deodorants.

3. How is studying in Taiwan when compared to studying and being a student in your home country? (Teaching Quality、Environment、School Equipment、Laboratory or others)

Presence of world-class university and cutting-edge research Centre make Taiwan different from many nations. Facilities which are available in school and lab are world class and I would like to appreciate it. The most important thing I liked about Taiwan’s study environment is the freedom to choose number of courses per semester and even the facility to choose course by wish. I also liked the structure and organization of lab and lab work.

4.  What has been the most difficult part about applying to study in Taiwan? How did you overcome the difficulty?

Nothing. I didn’t find any problem while applying for Taiwan. Everything goes very smoothly. One advantage was that my uncle works for Embassy.

5.  What do you plan to do after you have finish your studies in Taiwan? Would you like to stay in Taiwan?  Why? 

After I finish my Ph.D. I would like to go back to my country and serve India as a research assistant in a reputed institute. I would like to contribute something to my nation. Whatever, I had learned from Taiwan I will give to my country and science.

6.  How do you think studying in Taiwan can benefit you in your future career?

After studying one year in Taiwan, I learn about critical thinking, effective communication skill and innovative idea. These things will definitely go to work for whole life not only for carrier. As Taiwan is advanced in technology related to my studies, it will also help me if I try to get some job in my own country.

7.  What do you see as your key achievements when studying in Taiwan?

1.Speaking Chinese 2. Giving various business presentations at national level like TIEC2017 Pitch and Match, CES 2018 TECH STAR BOOT CAMP and etc. 3. Sharpening my lab and research skills 4. Work inside multi-cultural environment and with multi-national peoples.

8. What advice do you have for other interested overseas students who want to come to Taiwan to study?

My advice for the overseas students would to come here without any fear study here. Before coming here, learn little Chinese so that communication with local would be easy. Scholarship and reasonable tuition is available. Good luck for incomers.