Perceptions of Students from Southbound Countries

Read about the perception of students from soutbound countries to share the insight of studying in Taiwan.

Priscilla Arche Wikarsa/ Soochow University

Nationality : Indonesia
Major : Department of Music


My name is Priscilla. I am Indonesian-Chinese, so are my parents. I was born in Hong Kong and when I was just 1 year old, me and my family moved to Mississippi, America and stayed there for 4 years before going back to Indonesia. I am the only child of my parents. I love listening to music and reading novels.

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1. What made you decide to study in Taiwan?

I decided to study in Taiwan because I wanted to learn Chinese. A lot of Indonesian-Chinese can't speak Chinese anymore, but I am from a Chinese background, therefore I wanted to learn the language. I chose Taiwan because it still uses the Traditional Chinese. Even though Traditional Chinese is harder, but it has more meaning than the simplified characters.

2.  Briefly tell us about the program you are studying. What subjects are you studying? What have you enjoyed the most in your studies?

am studying at Department of Music and I am major in Piano. Subjects which I study herinclude History of Western Music (I love it!), Score Reading, Music Analysis, and Piano Tuning and Repairing, etc. I enjoy everything in my studies, I learned a lot of new stuff and it helped to improve my music abilities. I enjoy practicing new and challenging songs.

3. How is studying in Taiwan when compared to studying and being a student in your home country? (Teaching Quality、Environment、School Equipment、Laboratory or others)

There are a few Music Departments in Indonesia Universities, but it is not very good compared to Taiwan, most music teacher in my country only have Grade 8 or diploma certificates, very few teachers have Bachelor or Master degree in Music. So the music teaching quality is definitely better in Taiwan. I love the environment here; the air is fresher because my campus is in the mountain area. I also like two campuses which are full of very good facilities for exercising (Gym and large track field for running). In Indonesia, only very expensive universities have those facilities.

4.  What has been the most difficult part about applying to study in Taiwan? How did you overcome the difficulty?

Applying to study in Taiwan actually was not very hard. It was quite easy and did not need a lot of documents. The slightly difficult part was applying for the university. When I had prepared a biography in Chinese, luckily I have a few friends that helped me with it.

5.  What do you plan to do after you have finish your studies in Taiwan? Would you like to stay in Taiwan?  Why? 

I would like to continue to study at the graduate school in Taiwan. I have been learning Chinese for 5 years, and I still need to learn a lot. I love Taiwan because compared to my hometown; the transportation here is much more convenient. Also, the tuition fee in Taiwan is not very expensive, it suits my family economy.

6.  How do you think studying in Taiwan can benefit you in your future career?

After I go back to Indonesia, I can not only become a Music teacher but also teach Chinese. So studying in Taiwan is a plus point in my future career. 

7.  What do you see as your key achievements when studying in Taiwan?

My key achievement here is to be able to speak, read, write, and type in Chinese. Also, I get a degree in Music too, which is also a great achievement.

8. What advice do you have for other interested overseas students who want to come to Taiwan to study?

My advice is being a hard-worker and spending more time socializing with Taiwanese friends, you can learn Chinese faster if you use it daily especially with natives.