Perceptions of Students from Southbound Countries

Read about the perception of students from soutbound countries to share the insight of studying in Taiwan.

Aaron Liew Ee Jie 劉育捷 / NKUHT

Nationality : Malaysia
Major : International Bachelor Program in Chinese Culinary Arts


International Student Association (ISA)

I am Aaron, a Senior year student from National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality & Tourism. My major is International Culinary Arts because Taiwan is a country with full of delicacies. Other than that, my department, as known as ICCA , is a department that fully using English as a teaching language. Therefore, I am able to improve my culinary skill and language skill at the same time.

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1. What made you decide to study in Taiwan?

Million reasons to study in Taiwan. One of the mentionable reasons would be Taiwan is a place that famous about tourism and food. Thousands of the foodies and traveler from all around the world visit Taiwan to enjoy the food and beauty of nature. For me, I feel lucky from being a student in Taiwan because I am allowed to learn the professional skills and be a tourist when I am free.

2.  Briefly tell us about the program you are studying. What subjects are you studying? What have you enjoyed the most in your studies?

I study in Bachelor Program of International Chinese Culinary Arts (ICCA). Focusing on the professional culinary skill of Chinese culinary. We are also able to choose some course about other styles of culinary. I am very enjoying the practical course which we can learn and make the food by our own hands. Learn from a mistake when we get burnt or enjoy the food when we success!

3. How is studying in Taiwan when compared to studying and being a student in your home country? (Teaching Quality、Environment、School Equipment、Laboratory or others)

In Taiwan, we will need to study for 4 years. Which means, we have more time to learn more professional skills. Normally, people who study the same course in my country will only need to study for 1 year to obtain the certificate. Also, I found that the culinary field in Taiwan is very challenging compared to other countries. Not only that, NKUHT provides the best kitchen than other culinary schools which can let student to more familiar about the environment in a real kitchen. Most of our lecturers were used to work in Michelin Starred Restaurant or famous hotel. So they always train us by using the reflection of a real kitchen.

4.  What has been the most difficult part about applying to study in Taiwan? How did you overcome the difficulty?

Personally, I face no problem while applying to study in Taiwan. Everything went smooth and easy.

5.  What do you plan to do after you have finish your studies in Taiwan? Would you like to stay in Taiwan?  Why? 

After my studies, I would choose to work in other countries to gain more experience. I am looking for a position about management because I think it will be very useful if I want to own my restaurant someday.

6.  How do you think studying in Taiwan can benefit you in your future career?

Study about culinary in Taiwan is absolutely beneficial for me about my career because Taiwan is very famous about their food and culture.

7.  What do you see as your key achievements when studying in Taiwan?

I met many friends all around the world while studying in Taiwan. Knowing each other’s' cultures is the best part during my studies. Also, I am able to improve my language skill (especially Chinese) in Taiwan.

8. What advice do you have for other interested overseas students who want to come to Taiwan to study?

I will strongly recommend people to study about culinary in Taiwan because I found it is a country that full of food cultures. I will suggest the one who is coming to study in Taiwan to learn Chinese because it is commonly used in Taiwan which also is an essential language in the world!