Perceptions of Students from Southbound Countries

Read about the perception of students from soutbound countries to share the insight of studying in Taiwan.

LE THANH TRUC黎青竹/CTBC Financial Management College

Nationality : Vietnam
Major : MBA in Banking Management

LE THANH TRUC_1_edi.jpg 

My name is 黎青竹, my English name is Le Thanh Truc. I was born in Bien Hoa City, Vietnam where I spent most of my childhood and school years. My parents are very successful in their careers. My father is Environmental inspection and my mother is a teacher of business administration at the Lac Hong University, Vietnam. I am very proud of them. I regard them as my role model. I make my resolution to study hard for standing out in the future. 
I hold a bachelor’s degree of Oriental Studies at Lac Hong University in 2003. And in the following year, I also started the second Bachelor’s Degree of Vocational Training Program of Computer Science, which was awarded to me by Hochiminh City University of Technology, Vietnam National University in 2005. Along with the constant support from my family, educators, and friends I was able to embrace my dream of becoming an IT engineer. 
The year of 2010 was the wonderful year of my life. It was the time I successfully completed my two bachelor’s degrees. It was my graduation year. After graduating for a while, I made a turning-point decision to go to Taiwan to start my Master’s Degree. I applied for National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, and I was accepted to study in Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (工業工程與管理學系). 
After one more years of studying in Kaohsiung, I realize that it is more challenging than I had imagined which makes me more attracted to it. But I found myself lack of advanced knowledge IT business Management. So to study about that emerges in my minds. Luckily, my parents are very supportive and are willing to financially sponsor my study in the Taiwan. I am going to finish my Master’ Degree of Industrial Engineering and Management in next semester. As I stated in the beginning, I have always placed a great importance on pursuing further education. I hope I could continue my educational interests in Taiwan by attending finance and banking program at CTBC. 
Hopefully you enjoy reading my autobiography. Obviously, my life has been based on hard work, education and responsibility. I hope to be given a chance to obtain the goal that I have planned in my life for a long time. I would like to be considered for my heartfelt aspiration.

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1. What made you decide to study in Taiwan?

Reason 1: Best Teaching and Learning Environment
Reason 2: A Rewarding Learning Experience
Reason 3: Available Scholarship
Reason 4: Academic Resources and Quality
Reason 5: Rich and Colorful Culture
Reason 6: Better Opportunity for Seeking Jobs Back at Home Country
Reason 7: High-Standard Living Quality and Better Opportunity for Further Study in Taiwan
Reason 8: Reasonable and Affordable Tuition

2.  Briefly tell us about the program you are studying. What subjects are you studying? What have you enjoyed the most in your studies?

study MBA in Banking Management with these courses: Financial Product Innovation, Investment Decision Analysis, Property Management, Quantitate Analysis. I enjoyed the most is Financial Product Innovation because this course helps me know more about innovation in financial and know these products in financial.

3. How is studying in Taiwan when compared to studying and being a student in your home country? (Teaching Quality、Environment、School Equipment、Laboratory or others)

The government is keen to get more international students to study in Taiwan, has set the ambitious target of reaching 150,000 international students by 2020. Continuing in this effort, many universities in Taiwan are increasing the number of degree courses taught partly or entirely in English, and the government is also offering a series of scholarships for international students. Many of Taiwan’s top universities also offer their own international scholarships.

These reasons I want to study in Taiwan is the high quality of the country’s academic resources, the rich cultural environment and future job prospects.


4.  What has been the most difficult part about applying to study in Taiwan? How did you overcome the difficulty?

I think It’s so easy to apply to study in Taiwan. First I just find information on website and choice which is my best choice. Then I prepare my document and apply 2 or 3 schools I like. So easy to do because they require same document.

5.  What do you plan to do after you have finish your studies in Taiwan? Would you like to stay in Taiwan?  Why? 

Now I have got the admission as a full-time graduate student to the Master of Banking management at CTBC for the academic session 2016-2018, and the program is normally completed in next year. After studying 2 years in the field of finance and Banking Management, I would like to take a deep study in the integration of Information Technology into International Business management (or study in the combination between IT & Banking international...). I hope that I can work with my educational interests in Taiwan by attending Banking management program in CTBC. 
I also know that CTBC Financial Management College is a large environment where students are trained hard about technology and financial systems coverage for the banking industry., which is my desire. Its education is strongly priories and invested by the government. And I think it is actually a good environment to study. 
Here is my plan if I have a chance to do business about this field between Vietnam and Taiwan. I will stay in Taiwan in further for doing my business. Taiwan is AMAZING!

6.  How do you think studying in Taiwan can benefit you in your future career?

I have basically three reasons for wishing to pursue further studies abroad. First, I am fascinated by the business, computer science and Information Engineering for international management. I would like to be trained in the latest theories and practices so that I could stand firmly on the cutting edge of the rapid development in this field. Second, the market research I am now involved in is pushing me to master better and more effective methodologies. Third, my country just enters WTO, I believe my country’s future would ultimately depend on how good we are in doing business. I want to learn more useful knowledge than devote myself to Banking business. I can bring what I have learned here in Taiwan to come back and make more contribution to my country.

7.  What do you see as your key achievements when studying in Taiwan?

On doing business in Taiwan: "When I have gained the knowledge and am used to the business environment, Taiwan is one of the world’s best countries to do business. People can be trusted and the quality levels are going up and up, so Taiwan is now ready for markets like Japan and Germany even though these countries require top quality products only."

8. What advice do you have for other interested overseas students who want to come to Taiwan to study?

I had told them about my real story and help them how to easily apply get scholarship…and far away I will tell them these my experience I live in Taiwan.