Dream Is Not Just a Dream/Erwandy

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. –Willie Nelson
I believe everyone’s looking for better future standing out there and waiting for us to achieve. I’m one of the success seekers making special movement for that and was keeping mind to be positive to study abroad far away from my small hometown, Riau Islands, Indonesia, had already been my principal since I was in High School. Luckily, I finally did it as I expected. Taiwan fulfilled my dream and AU made it for me.
Taiwan! Why not US or UK, though?
Let me tell you. Story begins.
Graduated from my undergraduate study in Indonesia, my dream was still my dream that’s continuously flying over my head. My first impression about Taiwan was coming from my lecturer graduated from there. From his cheerful face sharing with us everything he experienced, I discovered my strong will to follow his step. Assuredly, Taiwan’s educational perspective and its deep Chinese Culture are also be the main reason to put my target on. Actually, in the beginning, I hesitated a lot about how to survive and my fate during my life time after with financially unprepared that I almost wanted to bow out. Unexpectedly, when I received the email from Asia University in December, a special gift coming to me, “Scholarship”. I can’t describe how happy I was.
Taiwan gives us environmental promises
Touched down in Taiwan, I found strong atmosphere welcoming me, it feels like home. The environment seems to be cozy for foreigners to visit which has comfort weather. Being here for 3 months out of my tropical country, I’ve felt two seasons instead of four. And I’ve been getting used to it promptly since coming and been falling in love in Formosa with the very large green parks.
Local People Meeting with International Student
After months here being surrounded by Taiwanese, they give me a view that they’re all friendly. I even can’t believe that someone, a stranger would like to share me her bus card when I was agitated with the card I don’t have before taking bus. Such a memorable thing!
Easy Transportation, Store, and Restaurant
Living here, going anywhere won’t be a big problem since the bus’s everywhere. I love touring around with friends by 8 km free bus in Taichung. What a good deal, yeah? With gorgeous place it has, I and my friends have created many amazing stories for bringing back home then. Indeed, friendship and cultural bond were also made.
We’ll stop anywhere when a good place shown off as well as stop in some of the restaurants or stores to have a cup of bubble milk tea to get rid of boredom of tiredness and enjoy the scenery along. Moreover, Noodles would be the most fascinated meal for you, too.
One word for Taiwan, “COZY!”
Come on here and make your new story! Don’t make your dream just a dream!

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