Coffee of friendship (咖啡朋友)/Yogi Tri Prasetyo

Coffee of friendship (咖啡朋友)
Yogi Tri Prasetyo

 Readers, just imagine that now you are making a cup of coffee, coffee of friendship.
Prepare spoon and glass
“How’s your application ? Which school are you looking for ? Can we meet up ?” Most of Taiwanese friends that I met in Japan while studying at Waseda University were very excited once they heared that I decided to pursue my master degree in Taiwan. Once I get the letter of acceptance from NTUST, they congratulate me and ready for meeting up with me in Taipei.
Put the coffee and sugar into the cup
Wow! Now I am in Taiwan, beautiful Formosa island with very warm people. 好久不見 “Long time no see!” Finally after 2 years, I met my Taiwanese friends again. We had very nice talk, coffee time, and laugh. They encouraged me to join Chinese orchestra since I have a basic flute playing to improve my Chinese skill and enjoy the music at the same time. Well, I didn’t have any experiences how to blow Chinese flute and I don’t even speak Chinese, but all of my flute friends are always next to me and help me. Moreover, they lend their flutes to me since I don’t have one. Eventually, we become very close and I can’t wait to perform together with them on annual concert. I remember my friend taught me “有緣才做伙,做伙是有緣 – ū-iân tsiah tsò-hué , tsò-hué sī ū-iân” (partnership was destined to do – is destined to make a partner), so it was very good decision joining the Chinese orchestra
Pour the hot water
The smell coffee of friendship is so tempting now. I am surrounded by Taiwanese and international students from various countries with different perspective. Furthermore, I join NTUST association of international affairs (AIA) which is a club for local and international students in my school. We share Taiwanese cultures and arrange trip around Taiwan. Not only that, we also have international day so international students can share their countries. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. AIA is one of the places where I can feel about that.
Enjoy bitter and sweet
Now my life in Taiwan is so amazing. Good friends, fascinating tourist destinations, remarkable foods, etc. But at the same time I also feel sad since one day I will leave all of them and back to my country. I know when there is a word “hi”, there will be a word “Goodbye”, but I still have long time to enjoy my coffee here. “It’s important to decide where you go, but it’s even more important who you go with. It feels amazing to be in Taiwan and surrounded by warm local people and amazing international students”.
Ups… I forget to drink my coffee. Let’s enjoy the coffee of friendship.

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