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The New Southbound Talent Development Program takes a people-oriented approach and aims to foster bilateral exchange and mutual resources sharing.

Reena's Taiwan Diary: Diwali

Reena comes from India and has studied Molecular and Biological Agriculture in Taichung, Taiwan. Now, she is a postdoctoral scholar at Academia Sinica, Taipei. When she was a Ph.D. student, Reena spent a lot of time staying in the lab and doing experiments, sampling or analyzing, but aside from the research, she had many extracurricular activities like boxing, dance, perform, and also had met a lot of friends in Taiwan. When Reena was graduating from university, her father came to Taiwan to participate in her graduation ceremony, and prepared some food for Diwali together. Let’s enjoy the video and see how she delights in the life of Taiwan. Study in Taiwan. Your Vision Unlimited!