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The New Southbound Talent Development Program takes a people-oriented approach and aims to foster bilateral exchange and mutual resources sharing.

Toni's Taiwan Diary: Songkran

Toni comes from Thailand and currently studies Tropical Agriculture in Pingtung, Taiwan. As a Ph.D. student, he is busy doing research in tropical agro-food, and also interning in factories and orchards, to see how to make products for the Thailand market. Aside from his classes or labs, he also got to visit different places and to participate in cultural activities in Taiwan, such as the Paiwan Tribe Maljeveq Festival. Furthermore, he and lots of students celebrated the Songkran Festival on campus last year and prepared authentic Thailand food to participants, including papaya salad, basil chili pork, tom yum, etc. He is always happy to share the experience in Taiwan with others, just as he said, “Coming to Taiwan to study is the right decision”. Have fun watching this video. Study in Taiwan. Your Vision Unlimited!