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The New Southbound Talent Development Program takes a people-oriented approach and aims to foster bilateral exchange and mutual resources sharing.

Amuka (Mongolia) Studying at Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

【Student Profile】(March, 2014)

Name: Amuka
Country: Mongolia
University: Ming Chuan University
Program: International affairs and diplomacy

My name is Amuka.M. I’m from Mongolia. I'm in my second semester of sophomore year in International affairs and Diplomacy program.

The decision of coming to Taiwan was one of the best choices I made. It has given me opportunities to find myself. My whole world becomes different since I came to Taiwan. I'm doing all the things by myself. No parent, my life is completely mine.

I have achieved many different goals in life. Some of my achievements are maybe bigger than others, which has given me greater satisfaction. The top five achievements that gave me the greatest satisfaction includes: Going to college, Learning Chinese, Study abroad, Being a foreign student, and Getting my first job.

My achievements have helped me to get ahead in life. I hope to get better at my major, pass every semester with the best result so that I can make my parent proud. Five years now, I want to become an ambassador in my own country.