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Scott (U.S.A.) Studying at Tunghai University, Taiwan

【Student Profile】(June, 2014)

Name: Scott
Country: U.S.A.
University: Tunghai University
Program: Chinese Language Center

Hello, my name is Scott Osdras and I from Michigan, USA. I am currently wrapping up a year of studying Chinese at the Chinese Language Center at Tunghai University in Taichung.

I originally came to Taiwan on a whim—I had several Taiwanese friends in college who told me about all the great night market food, but besides that I knew next to nothing about this island that would quickly become my home. As it turns out, my friends were right—the night market food is excellent—but that’s just one of many reasons why I’m thrilled with my decision to study Chinese here.

Although Taiwan is small, it has an amazingly diverse array of beautiful and interesting places to visit. From some of the tallest mountains in East Asia, to breathtaking gorges, to picturesque golden sand beaches, Taiwan’s got it all.

Even better is the sheer convenience of going anywhere or doing anything here. Taiwan’s extensive network of trains and busses allows travelers to get between any two places on the island in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, Taiwan will teach you what the “convenience” in the term “convenience store” really means. Beyond a formidable selection of food and drinks, convenience stores here also allow you to buy train, bus, and concert tickets; pay bills and parking fines, add credit to your cell phone account, and pick up and pay for online purchases. It might seem silly to gush about convenience stores, but it’s hard to exaggerate how big a part of life they are here.

Another thing I’ve loved about studying here is the opportunity to meet and interact with classmates from around the world. I may have come to learn about Chinese and Taiwan, but I’ve made valuable friendships with people from a handful of other countries in the process.

One great perk of studying Chinese at Tunghai University is their “Buddy Program” which pairs new international students with Taiwanese student volunteer buddies. After moving to a new city where I knew no one, it was fantastic to have a friend to help me answer questions I had about life here, introduce me to the area, and invite me to interesting events. Even an entire year after arriving here, my buddy remains one of my best friends in Taiwan.

Lastly, joining student groups at my university has provided me with numerous unforgettable experiences that I will never forget. From being part of a street percussion performance, to getting on Taiwanese TV, to camping at the top of a mountain under shooting stars, this year has been full of unique opportunities I never imagined having before I came here. If you come with an open mind and adventurous spirit, I guarantee studying in Taiwan will be a decision that you won’t regret.