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The New Southbound Talent Development Program takes a people-oriented approach and aims to foster bilateral exchange and mutual resources sharing.

Irene (Indonesia) Studying at National Central University, Taiwan

【Student Profile】(June, 2014)

Name: Irene
Country: Indonesia
University: National Central University

I am Irene B. Batoarung from Indonesia. Currently I am in my second year in International Environmental Sustainable Development (IESD) Master Program at National Central University.

My study integrates energy and environmental in sustainability view. I think my knowledge and expertise is really improved including my international vision. This is due to the support of the Professors who are really helpful, and also due to multicultural condition in my study program.

Studying in Taiwan is also a great opportunity to learn Chinese, not only to ease my daily life but as Nelson Mandela said, talking to the people in their language that goes to their heart. Besides, living and traveling in Taiwan also taught me a lot about life, making friends and memories, and knowing myself better.

Finally I must state that I never thought my definition of studying in Taiwan would be expanded until I experience it. There is more in studying in Taiwan rather than only academic life, thus I am and will always seize my days in Taiwan.