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The New Southbound Talent Development Program takes a people-oriented approach and aims to foster bilateral exchange and mutual resources sharing.

Lynn and Jessica (Vietnam) Studying at Chung Yuan Christian University

【Student Profile】(February, 2014)

Name: Lynn (Left) and Jessica (Right)
Country: Vietnam
University: Chung Yuan Christian University

Words from Jessica:

I am an adventurous girl. I like to travel from places to places. This ambition was pushing me day by day. After finishing undergraduate program in Vietnam, I decided to study abroad. Having so many recommendations from my friends, I chose to come to Taiwan. It was a deliberate decision.

After 6 months living in Taiwan, I see that Taiwan is a beautiful island, and people are so polite, nice, friendly, and kind-hearted. The education system, information system, and living infrastructure are very developed.

Meanwhile, my professors are very wide-knowledge. Most of them graduated from the United States of America. Therefore, we can communicate in English. Moreover, my professors are very enthusiastic and friendly. They are willing to help students to solve problems not only in research but also daily life.

For Vietnamese students, my advice to you is, before coming to Taiwan, prepare yourself with fluent language skills. Also you shall have a clear picture of what you want to gain in this studying-abroad journey. And remember to study hard and play hard.