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The New Southbound Talent Development Program takes a people-oriented approach and aims to foster bilateral exchange and mutual resources sharing.

Cervants (Mexico) Studying at Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

【Student Profile】(August, 2014)

Name: Rafael Cervants
Country: Mexican
University: Chinese Culture University
Program: Chinese Language Center

For me studying Chinese in Taiwan had been amazing, of course I will highly recommend my friends to come to Taiwan and learn it specially to Chinese Culture University, all the teachers and the people from the administrative office always were willing to help the students, Taiwan has its special thing that you cannot find in another place.

I have a couple more experiences studying abroad but for me Taiwan was special, the life here is super easy is really hard to get in to trouble, and like my case that I want to learn Chinese the best way to do it is being in a 24/7 Chinese environment, you will not only learn the language besides what I think is better you will learn the culture.

Living in Taiwan is an everyday new experience journey, Taiwan is so different from my country, since I arrive Taiwan I been trying to participate in any Taiwan activity that I could, Taiwan host family, marathons in Taipei, Hakka activities dragon boat festival. I do my best to get into the culture while I am here. Studying in Taiwan has been an awesome experience that it hasn’t end I know that I will back.