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Antonella (Paraguay) Studying at Tamkang University, Taiwan

【Student Profile】 (May, 2015)

Name: Antonella Silvera Achon
Country: Paraguay
University: Tamkang University
Program: International Business

My name is Antonella Silvera and I am from Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. I am currently a Sophomore at Tamkang University in the Bachelors of International Business. Studying abroad is an exciting and yet crazy experience when your final destination is Taiwan. I had the opportunity to study abroad before, but no place is like this amazing island. Sure, everyone will have to deal with culture shock or language barriers, but this is the place to get over those fears.

When starting life here, you get some regrets, but once you get used to the Taiwanese culture, all bad memories are gone. I chose to study in Tamkang University, because I wanted my major to be taught in English, but I still get the everyday chance to practice my Chinese, that according to my local friends, is only getting better.

Different from some foreigners, I come from a third world country, so Taiwan has shown me the beauty of technology and innovation. Back home I don’t have the privilege to go everywhere by taking the mrt at 10pm on a weekend. Is too dangerous, and we don’t have the modern transportation, Taiwan has. So for me, more than a shocking experience, is being more like a surprisingly amazing experience, to live in Taiwan.

To add, Taiwanese people are very kind, especially to me, a person that is always lost, maybe they feel sorry for me, or is part of their incredible culture. For my future, big plans are been set, but Taiwan is part of my home now, and is definitely a destination my children will be lucky enough to know.