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Otgon (Mongolia) Studying at Kaohsiung Medical University

【Student Profile】 (November, 2015)

Name: Otgontuya Altangerel
Country: Mongolia
University: Kaohsiung Medical University
Program: Health Care Administration and Medical Informatics

My name is Otgontuya Altangerel. I am a doctor from Mongolia. This is my first year as an international student at the Kaohsiung Medical University in the Master of Health Care Administration and Health Informatics.

For me, studying aboard is extremely rewarding. Personally, I refer to study aboard because after I studied In the USA, I have being experienced so much on different part of the world. It is also open my mind, and learning a new culture, a foreign language, and all other benefits that domestic live cannot offer me.

Taiwan is one of the most developed countries in Asia. Several times, I came to Taiwan, and I amazed with beautiful country and wonderful people. And also I did my clinical training at the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital. KMUH is teaching hospital for Kaohsiung Medical University. While I was training at the department of OB/GYN, I have seen many impressive operations are doing by amazing doctors I have ever seen before. My clinical training was extremely rewarding experience, and also the hospital is extremely welcoming, helpful, and offered me a terrific carrier experience.

Not only what I have learned, it also introduced to me so many wonderful doctors and people I have ever met! Therefore, quality of health care system, medical facilities and medical education is highly qualified, valued, and admired which influenced and inspired me to study at the KMU.

As I am a doctor, I hope, I can educate with a new technology, advancement in the field of medical science It is very exciting that everyday I learn something new which makes me feel more satisfied with my life. Every single day, even each time, I can see my progress of improvement.

Most of my professors are studied and have worked in USA, China, Japan, and German. They are willing to help me whenever I need some help. They make my life even more wonderful. How exciting and wonderful life I have been experienced in Taiwan. It is a wonderful life!