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The New Southbound Talent Development Program takes a people-oriented approach and aims to foster bilateral exchange and mutual resources sharing.

Zoe (U.S.A) Studying at National Cheng Kung University

【Student Profile】 (November, 2015)


Name: Zoe Weizenbaum
Country: U.S.A.
University: National Cheng Kung University
Program: Chinese Language Center


My name is Zoe Weizenbaum and I am a student at National Cheng Kung University’s Chinese Language Center.  I came to Taiwan looking to study Chinese in a Chinese speaking environment so as to be fully immersed in the language.  Having visited the island on a family vacation in high school I also knew Taiwan to be a country with beautiful weather, friendly people and delicious food.  The fact that Taiwan uses traditional characters was also a huge draw for me.


My experience thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.  I am challenged by my classes but not overwhelmed with homework to the extent that I don’t have time to take to the streets and explore all that my city has to offer.


I have friends from all over the world.  In my morning class alone, out of 7 students in the class, there are 7 different countries represented! This level of diversity makes for incredibly rich class discussions. It also means that rather than English being the default language outside of class I usually communicate with my classmates in Chinese.  With the help of Chinese Language Center at NCKU I am on my way to achieving the level of fluency that I’ve always dreamed of.


Biking around the streets of Tainan I like to picture myself 9 months from now, a graduate of the CLC program and with the language skills to conduct high-level intellectual debates in Chinese.